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Our IT company offering a wide range of services, including comprehensive IT support for business – IT outsourcing.

The reasons why full IT outsourcing is applicable in your company are: a significant reduction in costs associated with the maintenance of the IT infrastructure, constant monitoring and support system, professional advice and IT care, preferential rates for our IT outsourcing services package. Our years of experience has resulted in a number of trust companies in various industries and individual clients. Working with us, so you are guaranteed professional service and professional solutions for business and home.

The IT outsourcing services may include the following information:

1. Computer repair service at customer’s:

repairing of PCs, laptops, notebooks, upgrades and installation of LAN / WLAN, hardware diagnosis, uprgade software.

2. Informatics care on the existing IT infrastructure:

server administration Linux/Windows, network devices administration, supervision, inventory of IT equipment and software, data archiving – backup, IT consulting in the field of security and IT technical infrastructure development.

3. Sales of PC hardware and supplies:

Computer components, computer equipment, network equipment, inks, toners.

4. Implementation of the software:

installation of free software (Open Office, Linux, etc.), installation of commercial software.

5. Design, optimisation and update web pages.

In addition, we can advise you on strategies to campaign web sites, and help you to reach a larger customer group through advertising on the Internet – such as Google sponsored link Adwords. Details of contracts for service packs on IT outsourcing, prices and range of services are always determined individually.

For regular customers, we offer packages of IT outsourcing help-desk service.


We invite you to cooperation tel: 07964800555.

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