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About Us.

Why our Clients love to work with us.

About Us

The owner of his career in computer science adventure began over 20 years ago when the first PCs appeared in Poland. Many years of experience allows us to provide services at the highest level and fully professional. Our professionalism recognizes the many companies and individuals who are among our regular customers for many years.

In order to ensure high-quality work with the largest and most important manufacturers of IT equipment and software in the world (such as Intel. AMD, Gigabyte, MSI, LG, Toshiba, Seagate, WD, Kingston, Microsoft, Adobe, Corel, Athenasoft etc.). Cooperation allows access to the latest technology and full support manufacturers in technical support, customer service, and improve their skills and acquire knowledge. It is something what distinguish us from the others. We focus on the development of knowledge and that enable us to provide you with high quality service. Our mission is to provide the highest quality service and technology. At any time, we are ready to answer any question. I invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of services and hardware and software.

I invite you to cooperation.

 Bartosz Stefanski

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